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The patient's medical report is evaluated and, if necessary, the doctor following the patient is consulted and the necessary information for the transfer is obtained.
Certain permits are required for domestic and international flights (according to civil aviation rules). For domestic flights, this time is an average of 1 hour.
In international flights, the patient and his relatives apply for permission with their passport information, and the permit-permit process is initiated. This time may vary between 1-4 hours depending on the country of destination. In addition, since ``war zone supplementary insurance`` is taken out for flights to risky regions, this situation affects the time and price.
During the transfer, 1 companion can be taken according to the medical condition of the patient.
If necessary, a land ambulance at the place where the patient is taken and left is organized by us.
There is cabin pressure in our air ambulance aircraft, and patients with cardiovascular, cerebrovascular diseases and lung problems are safely transferred.

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